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How can you make her orgasm fast?

Well there are actually two methods I use. The first method is indirect. What I mean is that it does not have a direct effect on her sexual stimulation but it does wonders in making her achieve strong climaxes. The second method works directly with her sexual stimulation.

The first method I use is creating an emotional investment. What I do is expose her to a wide 토닥이 에이스 range of emotions (positive and negative). What this does is essentially put her on an emotional rollercoaster and builds a lot of frustration within her because she feels she can't "figure me out".

That sexual frustration is what will be unleashed in the bedroom. It will transition from frustration into a wild type of passion where she goes crazy. Remember that a woman's emotional state is just as important as her physical state when it comes to achieving an orgasm. You must stimulate both.

The second method I use is stacking her orgasms using oral sex. This is done during foreplay. I usually have her orgasm at least once during foreplay before I move on to the actual sex. This way I can be sure that I will give her AT LEAST 2 more during the real sex.

Often overlooked in the bedroom, a breast massage can really be a turn on for both partners. Women love the feel of the massage, and men love touching breasts so intimately. This is a great way to grow closer as a couple or even help your partner achieve orgasm. That's right - some women can actually orgasm through breast massage alone. Even if your lover does not, this is still a great way to help her relax and turn her on so that a clitoris or g spot orgasm is possible.

Breast massage is best when done naked, but if you are not at that comfort level with your partner yet, you can start with touching over a shirt and bra (or just one or the other). Eventually, you want to work toward being comfortable nude together, since this will allow you to fully access her nipples and breasts during the massage.

Keep in mind that this massage is about her. While you might be very aroused by massaging her breasts, do not move too quickly to sex. This downplays the importance of her feelings and makes her feel rushed toward orgasm. Instead, spend lots of time with your massage, and consider making this part of a full-body Tantra massage. You should focus on relaxing her, not on moving as quickly as possible toward sex.

Learning Breast Massage Techniques

Learning breast massage techniques is not hard. You want to be gentle, yet firm with your touch. Pay attention to the whole breast, no matter how big or small, and be careful with the intensity around her nipples. Some women love when a man is rough with her nipples, even pulling or nipping on them, but others do not tolerate a lot of stimulation in this area. Stay in close communication so that you get the intensity level just right.

There are many different massage techniques you can learn, and as you perform them all, watch her face and listen to how she responds to each touch. One of the best reasons to have a long-term relationship with a woman, whether you are monogamous or not, is that you get to learn her body better and better each time you play. When you give her better orgasms, she will be eager to give you better orgasms as well.

Breast massage can stop there if you are not yet comfortable with one another, or you can move on to clitoris massage and even intercourse. Keep in mind also that you can use breast massage techniques during intercourse in most positions, which is a great way to increase the level of intensity during sex.

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