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I. Definition

Massage is one of the oldest form of medical treatment involving stroke, pressing and kneading in the difference area in our body. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in relieving pain in special area by stimulating blood circulation.

II. How massage helps to treat PMS

1. Improving blood circulation

By massage the area in the abdominal region, it helps to release the qi and blood stagnation in the region resulting in lessening symptoms of PMS including menstrual pain and cramps.

2. Improving liver function

Liver qi stagnation causes abnormal function of liver in regulating the levels of estrogen in the body before ovulation resulting in increasing the risk of hormone imbalance for women with PMS. Massage helps to release the qi stagnation leading to strong liver in fat and protein metabolism and lessening the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

3. Lymphatic function

Lymphatic function helps to remove fluid from our body tissue. Massage helps to improve the lymphatic function resulting in lessening the risk of water and fluid retention in the body's tissues.

4. Toxin elimination

Massage helps to improve the body function in toxins elimination by releasing the qi and blood stagnation in the liver, stimulating the lymphatic and kidney function in removing fluid from the body resulting in lessening the symptoms of PMS including water retention and hormone imbalance.

5. Nervous tension

Massage helps our body and muscles to relax. For women with premenstrual syndrome, relaxing helps to relieve tension of the nervous tension resulting in reducing the risk of anxiety, emotional and physical stress, depression and fatigue.

Tantra for women aims at awakening the female creative energy, which is known as Shakti and "The Great Divine Mother." This is the energy that lies inside every woman, but which needs to be brought out in order for the woman to be liberated and achieve everything that she wants in life.

The female awakening could be accomplished by teaching a woman how to embrace her sensuality and sexuality, which is the main goal of the Tantric massage for women. The different sessions could include the Yoni massage, full body massage, or various rituals and exercises and they could aim at achieving full relaxation and harmony or address specific sexual problems as well. A powerful healing massage could help the receiver overcome pass negative experiences, awaken her senses, and help her build her confidence. This is the place where all taboos and restrictions, placed by the society can be forgotten and where a woman can learn how to enjoy being touched and loved.

The Yoni is the female "Divine Passage" and is honored and celebrated - the Yoni massage does not aim at achieving orgasm, but rather give wonder and joy. The massage usually starts with breathing exercises, which continue throughout the whole session, and lasts for as long as the receiver wishes. It is ideal to approach such session with an open mind and heart and not to expect sexual gratification, but completely surrender and enjoy the experience. Tantra sessions for couples also teach men how to perform this ancient massage, so that they can learn how to please their partners better and bring their relationships to a new physical and emotional level.

Knowing more about the Tantric principles and believes could help you better understand what and how they all come together, but if you only wish to be pampered and receive an unforgettable arousing and at the same time relaxing massage, then book a session at 여성전용 마사지 your local Tantra center and you are in for an amazing experience.