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However, experts also recommend that since this is one of the reasons for promoting breast cancer, it is better to focus on the preventive nature of the same and raise awareness about ways to educate women we love about avoiding the condition altogether - and so we have medical experts advocating regular breast massages as a preventive step for breast cancer.

The argument stems from the belief that the increased blood circulation caused by breast massage builds up to a warmth suffusing the breast area that works to flush-out toxin from this delicate zone besides encouraging the lymph fluids to flow easily so they help in draining out remaining chemicals that may be harmful. (The lymph fluids are the watery liquid surrounding the cells; they contain disease-fighting components and thus are important to pay attention to in cases of a family history of breast cancer or for those 토닥이 프로필 at risk for it).

A breast massage is very beneficial for women and it can be practiced on self or by someone else. It requires a gentle kneading movement combined with rubbing or squeezing techniques to induce improved blood and lymph flow; it is best done by gently stroking in a circular direction from the nipple out to the breast outline. Repeat the step a few times like you would if you ran your fingers along wheel-spokes - but avoid any aggressive stroking as this can be harmful.

You may use scented lotions or warm massage oils to build up the pleasure of the breast massage and to prevent any hand-rubbing friction caused in the lack of these 'helpers.'

Ideally, breast massages should be performed at the end of a working day when shedding clothes and it is also recommend that women do not wear their bra and sleep (no more than 12 hrs).

Other times a breast massage helps are when during a premenstrual cycle when some women suffer tenderness in their breasts; during nursing after surgery to reduce scar tissue marks and simply as an activity that keeps them a-breast with their bodily changes (such as a lump in the breast), which is easy to notice for those that regularly breast massage.

Getting bigger breasts is a quest that many women have, but few women actually achieve. And unfortunately for many, it's a problem that only seems to have one solution - risky and ugly surgery. However, there's actually a much easier and healthier way to make your breasts bigger - by naturally making them grow.

One of the best ways to make your breasts naturally bigger is to use a "massage" to encourage them to plump out and grow. Not many people know this, but most women end up making their breasts constricted to the point they cut off the blood flow and end up making the fatty tissue "stale". This is due to most women wearing the wrong sized bra and pushing their breast so close to their chest that the pair of them can't "breathe".

To fix this common problem, you can perform a simple massage to improve the circulation and make the fatty tissue more bouncy and plump. To do this, you just need to follow a simple routine each night, whereby you: